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What makes a Sin City tattoo artist?

We have a really strict criteria when it comes to selecting artists to work in our Essendon tattoo studio.

The common traits through all our artists come down to the perfect balance between talent, skill, experience, and importantly, how they interact with a customer, regardless of whether that customer is visiting us for the first or fifth time!

Qualities of a Sin City tattoo artist include:

Artistic talent

An artistic skill is of course critical when it comes to choosing a tattoo artist. Not only do we look for talent, but we look at their strengths (in terms of tattoo styles and designs).

The key skill here is being able to communicate well with clients in order to create a workable design from an initial conversation.


Our talented artists are masters of their craft, each with years of experience tattooing works of art for people from all walks of life.

Through their passion and dedication to their art, they’ve built exponentially on their experience and honed their skills in their preferred specialised art style.


With larger tattoos taking up hours of intricate work (over multiple sessions), patience is a key quality of our artists.

A steady hand paired with a positive, patient attitude ensures even the most complicated or time-intensive designs are completed to the highest standard.


The tattoo industry is ever-changing, as trends come and go and styles modernise and change.

Curious minds keeps our tattoo artists at the forefront of new tattoo styles and trends as well as tools and machinery.

Listening skills

Listening is perhaps one of the most important customer service skills our tattoo artists possess.

It’s imperative our artists listen carefully to their clients, interpret their ideas, and put pen to paper (so to speak) to create a design that matches their desires.