Walk in tattoo shop Melbourne

While Sin City encourages bookings whenever possible, our talented team welcome walk ins!

No matter what design, image, or pattern you’ve got in mind, our team embraces all sorts of ideas.

Been thinking about a tattoo? Haven’t had the opportunity to make a booking? Why not take the plunge and pop into our walk in tattoo shop in Essendon?

Walk right in and get inked!

Getting a tattoo at the last minute is fun and exciting – no matter the reason behind it.

Sin City accepts walk ins, so drop by during our opening hours and meet our artists. Run through their flash sheets and have a chat about your latest ideas before getting inked with a spontaneous new piece of art!

We won’t make your decision for you; what we will do is offer advice and guidance to ensure you get a tattoo you truly love!

Please note that all custom work requires an appointment

We enforce this rule not only so we can spend time creating a unique piece of artwork, but so we can also schedule you well in advance to ensure we allow adequate resources for a customised or more complicated piece of art.

Tips to secure a walk in tattoo appointment

We understand that your busy schedule can sometimes make it hard to fit in an appointment, which is why we always try to accommodate walk ins.

Call ahead, if you can

In some cases, you might be standing right outside our tattoo parlour, itching to get a spur-of-the-moment tattoo, but in other cases, give us a call to see how busy we are and see if it’s worth popping in.

Visit during the week

As you’d expect, Saturdays are normally busier than weekdays, so if you can, drop by during the day between Monday and Friday.

Don’t bring a crowd

We’ve got plenty of room at our tattoo studio, but remember that our artists are at work, and they don’t want to be distracted by a large group of people.

By all means, bring along a friend for support but be aware of the space around you, and please note that it’s at each artist’s discretion as to whether your friend can join you during your session.

Have an idea ready

Due to the nature of a walk in, these sessions are usually reserved for smaller designs (but your artist has final say).

We have a first-come first-served policy, so arrive promptly and be prepared with an idea (including sample images)!

We can also look through flash sheets for some on-the-spot inspiration.

Follow our after-care instructions

If your tattoo was done on a whim, you’re no doubt filled with adrenaline and excitement.

However it’s crucial that you pay attention to after-care instructions provided by your artist.

These simple yet critical care techniques should be followed to ensure a safe and speedy healing process.