Custom tattoos Melbourne

If you are the type of person who knows exactly what they want, then a custom tattoo is exactly what you need!

A custom tattoo allows you to tailor the artwork to your specific style, while creating a completely original piece.

Custom tattoo artists

If you’re not great with a pencil or a pen but know exactly what is that you want, get in touch with our custom tattoo artists.

Our talented team have an uncanny knack for taking the image in your head and kicking around some ideas with you. The result? A totally customised piece you will love!

Common custom tattoo ideas

Custom tattoos that match an existing theme

It isn’t uncommon for people want to keep up a consistent theme with their tattoos, whether it be all over their body or just in one section.

This usually means people will need custom tattoos designed for them to tie into the theme.

The theme could be anything from nordic to superheroes, to astrology to a combination of words and corresponding images.

Unique words, fonts, and typography

When you are looking to get a phrase or quote that’s really important to you tattooed on your body, it’s likely you’ve already built an image in your head of what it should look like.

On the other hand, you may know the words you want it to say, but have no idea about the font or typography!

Animals and nature

This striking combination, inspired by the natural world, means no two designs will ever be alike.

Follow the natural lines and contours of your body with a lion stalking through long grass in the centre of your upper back or a deer standing elegantly on your shoulder.


When a tattoo is sentimental and holds emotional weight, it’s important that the design reflects the magnitude of your experience.

The images you wear on you skin represent who you are as an individual.


If you want to create an original image of a character or personality that doesn’t exist, our team can help you.

Artists at heart, we can weave emotion and personality into an image of any fictional character imaginable.