Our tattoo artists are experienced in a wide range of tattoo styles, so whatever style suits your taste, we’ve got the artist who can bring it to life.

Minimalist tattoos

Minimalist tattoos have been soaring in popularity in recent years. These fine-line balance clean minimalism with crisp black lines and sharp angles.

Minimalist tattoos are perfect for those new to tattooing, and are a beautiful and delicate twist on tattoo artwork. The devil is in the detail of this understated yet intricate tattoo style.

Realism tattoos

Inspired by the realism art movement in 1850s France, realism tattoo art brings your vision to life – almost literally!

Through extraordinarily detailed work, your realism tattoo has a uniquely three-dimensional effect. Think jaw-dropping portraiture in striking colours, or eerie black and white landscapes or nature.

Custom tattoos

Got something totally unique in mind?

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with a custom tattoo from Sin City’s talented tattoo artists. We’ll create a design completely from scratch and help turn your artistic ideas into reality.

American Traditional tattoos

Also referred to as “Old school” tattoos, the American Traditional style encompasses bold lines, creative colour palettes, and iconic designs to create a truly spectacular piece of art.

Pioneers of this ever-popular style include Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy, whose prominence in the industry has resulted in the American Traditional style being one of the world’s most recognisable.

Japanese tattoos

Known as Irezumi in Japanese (which literally translates to “Injecting Ink”), Japanese style tattoos have their own unique style.

These ultra-detailed tattoos are a form of cultural art with a strong and lengthy history: injecting ink as form of decoration can be traced back to 10,000BC, during Japan’s Jōmon period.

Japanese tattoos are characterised by imagery and symbolism that draws on Japan’s rich cultural and religious history.

Illustrative tattoos

Considered a sort of fusion between American Traditional, Black and grey, and Realism, it’s easy to understand how a large variety of tattoo art can fall under the “Illustrative” category.

Bold, sharp lines teamed with effective shading give the illusion of an actual illustration or sketch on the skin, rather than a tattoo.

Black and grey tattoos

Black and grey tattoos involve a black ink in various degrees of shading to create a striking two-tone effect.

Simple yet impactful, black and grey tattoos draw on the simplicity of a single colour, teamed with intricate shading work that gives the illusion of shadows, angles, highlights, and textures.

Virtually any style of tattoo can be done in black and grey tones only.

Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are one of the most striking and eye-catching artwork styles. And as such, they can be highly complex.

When choosing an artist for your meaningful portrait tattoo, ensure they boast the experience, skill and talent required to create an incredible work of art you will enjoy for years to come.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a tattoo

As you navigate from style to style, are some standing out more than others? That’s great – you’re on the way to choosing your preferred style for your new tattoo.

If you’re still confused, no stress – we’d love to help you out! Organise a consultation with one of our talented tattoo artists and we’ll help you understand the style that may suit your idea – even if that idea is still in its early stages.

If you’re after something custom but not sure where to begin, we’ll put pencil to paper and create a visual that will help you understand what’s possible.

Why do you want a tattoo? Will it have a meaning?

Is it to represent something (or someone) important, or are you simply looking to cover your body’s blank canvas with bold and eclectic designs?

There’s no wrong or right answer here – it’s totally up to you.

Have you done your research?

That might involve spending hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, learning all about the different styles available and determining which you prefer and which you’re not so much a fan of.

The tattoo you envision could in fact be done in many different styles.

Do you want colour or black and grey?

Whether you choose a bold or subdued colour palette or opt for black and grey is entirely up to personal preference.

Some prefer a more subdued black shaded tattoo, while others wish to make a statement with lots of colour.

Tattoo removal Melbourne

Got a tattoo you’ve grown out of? Or have you simply come to dislike it?

No worries – tattoo removal can lighten a tattoo in preparation for a cover up, or completely eliminate any traces of an old tattoo!

Find out more about tattoo removal from Tailored Tattoo Removal, located inside Sin City’s tattoo studio.