Tattoo cover up Melbourne

Whether it’s a reminder of someone no longer a part of your life, a poor job done by a cheap and inexperienced artist, or an impulse decision you’ve come to regret, we get it: sometimes bad tattoos happen.

It may not even be a case of having a “bad” tattoo; maybe you’ve just simply grown to dislike it, or your feelings towards it have changed and it no longer holds special meaning.

No matter the reason, tattoo cover up may be on your mind… and Sin City will help you create a meaningful tattoo to cover up your now-unwanted one!

What is tattoo cover up?

Tattoo cover up is the processing of covering up an unwanted tattoo with a brand new design, image, style, or colour palette.

In some cases, a cover up tattoo is larger than the existing one, however a larger design is not the only way to cover up an unwanted tattoo!

Talented tattoo artists have the skill, knowledge, and experience to help you understand all the ways in which your tattoo can be covered up, and which strategies may be more effective than others, depending on your unique ink.

At the end of the day, it’s about (re-)creating a new tattoo that eliminates any negative feelings you have towards your old one.

Tattoo “cover up” is a bit of a misnomer

When we say cover up, you might think of it the way a piece of art on canvas is covered – where each new layer conceals the previous.

Tattoo cover up is different though, and often a little more complicated than slapping some new colour on the old.

it takes a trained pro to incorporate specialists techniques like blending, shading, detailing, and colouring to produce a tattoo that effectively “covers” an old one.

Preparing for tattoo cover up

Laser tattoo removal is your friend

In many (if not most) cases, laser tattoo removal will be advised first, in order to fade the tattoo and ensure the optimal base for your cover up.

Ordinarily, multiple treatments are required 6-8 weeks apart in order to totally eliminate a tattoo. However in the case of a cover up, fewer sessions may be needed in order to lighten up the tattoo and best prepare it for cover up.

New design

Of course, now that you’ve decided to cover up an old tattoo, you’ve got a more important decision to make: what are you going to cover it with?

We encourage you to come to us with your ideas, but we also ask that you keep an open mind. It’s critical you get an artist’s input, as what you think might be a simple scenario might actually be a little more complicated.

We’ll bounce ideas off each other and come up with a solution for your new tattoo.

With your vision in mind combined with our knowledge and experience, together we’ll come up with a design that strikes the perfect balance between what you want and what will work best for the cover up.

Why people choose to cover up a tattoo

Poor workmanship

Has poor workmanship left you feeling disappointed with your tattoo?

We understand you might feel discouraged: something you had planned to flaunt is now being covered up wherever possible with clothing or make-up. Let us help you create a new design to cover up a poorly executed tattoo.

Your tattoo is fading

If your tattoo has been subjected to fading, it mightn’t be looking at good as it once did.

A backyard tattoo mistake may make itself known years later, when colours have faded and your once-impressive tattoo is now starting to look a little worse for wear.

We can help restore it, or alternatively, cover it up with a new design.

It’s no longer significant

At the time you loved it, but as the years passed, its significance and importance started to dwindle. After all, who you were 20 years ago isn’t necessarily who you are today.

That doesn’t mean your love for body art has changed: so talk to our tattoo cover up artists about creating a brand new look upon your existing tattoo.

You regret it

The name of a special someone who is no longer special – enough said.

Choosing a tattoo cover up artist

Traditionally, black was the most effective (and therefore most commonly used) colour to cover up an old or unwanted tattoo.

But over time, as skills grew and the prevalence of customers demanding cover ups rose, tattoo artists honed their skills, using a wider spectrum of colours and strategic designs to cover up old tattoos.  

Truly talented artists working in the industry have exceptional knowledge on the nature of cover ups, and as such can create bespoke solutions that cover up traces of your old tattoo.