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Maria Death Angel

Tattooing since: 2013
Preferred styles: Illustrative, traditional, black work

Maria has enjoyed creating art since she was old enough to hold a crayon in hand.

However, it wasn’t until her teenage years of discovering the artwork adorning the covers of heavy metal albums that would later help develop her darker graphic style in tattooing.

While studying a Diploma in screen print design, Maria began practicing her drawings by working with bands and labels from the underground metal scene, creating gig flyers, release art and logos.

During this time, she received her first tattoo, which would lead to her next obsession of learning how to tattoo.

Hard work, persistence, and perhaps fate lead her to apprenticing at Sin City in early 2012.

Learning the foundations of tattooing gave her a greater appreciation of discovering traditional and fine line black and grey tattoos, two styles she now enjoys working in.

Through the foundations of tattooing and experimentation, she started transferring the textures of her black graphic style into tattooing before even knowing black work existed.

Needless to say it’s her favourite style to work in and even more so when it’s inspired by dark imagery.