Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos have a lot in common with photo realism tattoos and in fact, are often categorised as a subset of the genre. As the name would suggest, portrait tattoos are always images of people or animals.

Overlapping styles means that a portrait style tattoo can be applied using varying techniques, such as illustrative, black and grey, or realism.

Portrait tattoos can be done in either black and grey or colour, and their intricate detailing make them look as life-like as possible.

Portrait tattoo artists

Portrait tattoo artists possess a high level of skill and attention to detail, and it’s this expertise that helps illustrate just how far the art of tattooing has come.

Portrait tattoos are regarded as some of the industry’s most pain-staking and challenging tattoos, and as such, their artists are respected as some of the most talented.

Portrait tattoo ideas

Loved one

Whether it’s a portrait of a loved on you’ve lost, someone special who lives far away or a person you see every day, a portrait tattoo is a great way to honour them.

Our professional tattoo artists can help you to show that special person how much you love them with a tattoo of your favourite photo of them.


A tattoo of your favourite musical artist, book character or inspirational figure is the perfect way to inspire you every day.

A portrait tattoo can capture that cheeky grin, serious brow or piercing stare that your favourite icon is so well known for.


Whether its a photo of an old pet, your spirit animal, or animal that represents a special time in your past, animals are a growing trend in tattoo portraiture.

Our Essendon tattoo team can ensure that the portrait tattoo of your favorite animal is detailed, sophisticated, and eye-catching.

Portrait and scripture

Do you have a special phrase or quote that you associate with the memory of a loved one? Or maybe it’s just that person’s name, date of birth, or other significant words that you want to feature alongside their portrait.

Our tattoo artists can help you find the perfect place to add scripture to a portrait tattoo, whether it be intertwined within the artwork, or simply sitting below.  

Black and grey portrait

Portrait tattoos finished in black and grey have a subtlety about them that is perfect for paying respect to a loved one.

A black and grey portrait tattoo can be reminiscent of an old photograph, which adds an air of history and significance to your body art.