Minimalist tattoos Melbourne

Minimalist tattoos are often characterised by fine lines, intricate detailing, and sharp edges.

With a final result that’s subtle and delicate, a steady hand and a keen eye are key to creating the perfect fine-line tattoo.

These detailed pieces of art are reminiscent of drawings, and their simplicity is balanced perfectly with acute detail.

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Minimalist tattoo style ideas

Considering a minimalist tattoo? Perhaps it’ll be your first? Here are some of the most popular types of fine-line tattoos we do nearly every day.


A favourite childhood character or a fine line to represent the skyline of a special city – no matter the reason behind it, we can create understated yet detailed images.


Scroll through the hashtag #finelinetattoos on Instagram, and you’ll no doubt see hundreds of symbols, from crescent moons and flowers to animals and waves. Choose a symbol that means something to you or simply represents who you are and what you love.

Crowns, rockets, planes, love hearts, or even a pair of scissors with a bobby pin: the options are truly limitless.


Geometric fine line tattoos are characterised by angular lines.

This minimalist style can be done in full colour or black and white, while the distinct geometric style can be applied to almost any kind of image, including flowers or animals.

Alternatively, choose a small-scale geometric symbol or large-scale pattern.


Whether it’s a special date, a lucky number, or meaningful coordinates, numbers are a popular minimalist style. Whatever the number, we know that is has significance.

Numbers can be tattooed in old English style, modern style,  or even Roman numerals.


From a favourite lyric to a quote or even personal scripture, turn your meaningful words into a piece of artwork that’ll be with you forever.

Typography is dependent on your personal preferences: think old-fashioned cursive to modern uppercase letters, and everything in between.